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To encourage baby's brain power


To encourage baby's brain power.

Guidance for me.

Every mum wants her baby to grow into a healthy, happy toddler. Giving her some fun, mental stimulation helps develop new brain ‘connections’ which form part of her adult brain.

Mummy Time
Spending quality time with your child benefits her in so many different ways. She picks up her language skills from baby talk with you and from watching your face and body language. ‘Babies learn a lot faster if they’re taught with one-to-one interaction,’ says brain expert Nancy Slessenger. ‘So, the more animated you are around your baby and the more you talk to her – even if she can’t understand exactly what you’re on about yet – the better!

Get Moving
‘The development of the brain is directly linked to movement, ‘says Nancy. ‘By waving her limbs around, she’s inviting you to react. When you respond with an action or words, she’ll repeat the movement, and a new brain connection is made.’

Good Grub
The long-chain polyunsaturated fat DHA found in breastmilk helps little brains grow and develop. Some infant formulas contain DHA, which is marked on formula milks as LCPs – levels differ, so do check. ‘Older, weaned babies need a healthy, balance diet for brain development,’ says Bridget Benelam from the British Nutrition Foundation. ‘This should contain protein like chicken, dairy, lentils or eggs.’

Have a Rest
Babies benefit from a variety of mental stimulation, but, just like adults, sometimes they need a break! During a rest or snooze your baby processes what she’s learned, and chances are she’ll wake up full of beans again and ready to take on more.

Did you know?
Boys’ brains develop from the back (the ‘doing’ part) towards the front (the ‘thinking’ part). Girls’ brains develop the other way around. So boys develop physical skills before thinking and language, and girls tend to communicate earlier.

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Hana's development. (3months)


Alhamdulillah, Hana is 3months and 4 days old today :)

Because time flies very rapidly, and Mama sometimes misses those beautiful moments together (though I didnt want that to happen). So, it is best for me to have a checklist regarding Hana's development, so that I can always catch up on what I am supposed to focus on. This one I got from babyzone website. The ones highlighted in green are those Hana had managed to do, as at 29 December 2012. Alhamdulillah :)

Hana and Ellie

What to Watch for: 0-3 Months

Motor Development

  • Opens and shuts his hands.
  • Raises his head and chest while lying on his stomach.
  • Stretches her legs out and kicks when lying on stomach or back. 
  • Supports her upper body with her arms when lying on stomach. 
  • Swats at dangling toys placed near him. 
  • Mouths objects brought to her face. 
  • Reaches and grasps for things with both hands. 
  • Pushes down on legs when feet are placed on a firm surface. 
  • Can hold a rattle. (hold Ellie :))

Visual Development

  • Watches faces intently. 
  • Turns head toward direction of sound. 
  • Follows moving objects with his eyes. 
  • Recognizes familiar objects and people at a distance. 

Language Development

  • Begins to imitate some sounds. (Mama is not sure, but Mama imitates Hana's sound, hihi)
  • Begin to babble. 

Social/Emotional Development

  • Reacts when you sing, call his name, or attempt to play. 
  • Imitates you when you stick out your tongue. 
  • Enjoys playing with other people; may cry when playing stops. 
  • Becomes more communicative with face and body. 
  • Imitates your movements. 
  • Smiles! Grins! .

Cognitive Development

  • Stares at her hands and fingers. 
  • Plays with her fingers.
  • Brings his hands to his mouth. 
  • Has accustomed to regular eating and sleeping pattern.

    Well done Hana, we love you! :)

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