Sunday, 6 May 2012

20 weeks

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :)

Alhamdulillah, baby turns 20 weeks today. I am so happy to get this far. Only Allah knows how grateful I am. I am praying that all my friends out there, or all couples who are trying to conceive or expecting for babies, may Allah ease their ways. Ameen Ameen. InsyaAllah your time will come, Allah is designing the best design for you :)

Last week I bought my first 'present' for my baby. It was really my first buy, because me and Abang are 'holding' ourselves back not to get too excited in shopping stuffs for baby. For the time being we are doing surveys rather than shopping. Hehe. InsyaAllah by the time baby turns 7 months, the battle will begin :)

Since last week was the due date of Abang's book voucher, so I grabbed something for myself and baby. Okay, I hope that this is a motivation for me to start communicating with my little angel inside :) I plan to start reading the basic Iqra' and pronouncing the alphabets. Oh InsyaAllah, may Allah ease my way.

Yesterday, while having our short dating, we picked this for our baby. Haha. I just cannot stand to see this so cuteee baju especially with those funny writings on it. Hehe. Yes, we are still clueless of our baby's gender, but these will do for both perhaps. Huhu. :)

Till then, regards ^_^


:: anisjazz :: said...

yayyyy dah dpt bkk ur blog yg lama sgt under maintenance before :D

youramirah said...

salam kenal,

take care for the next 20weeks. =)

HuRuN^AiN said...

congratz nabilah!akak baru tersinggah ke blog ni n baru tau this good news!jaga diri baik2.miss u .. =)

-k.nadiah 'ummi sofiya'-

Hafiz Nabilah said...

Salam kenal Amirah, thank you for dropping by, n for your doa :)

Hafiz Nabilah said...

Salam alaik Kak Nadiah :) I misss you more! you too take care dengan adik Sofiyya yang bakal hadir, I'm soo happy for you! :)

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