Thursday, 30 August 2012

36 weeks ^^ - final touch


I'm currently at 36 weeks pregnant now, Alhamdulillah :) People says baby can pop out at any time by now! Phewww! Happy and excited indeed! According to my due date which is on 20th of September 2012, there are almost 4weeks more to go :) And I've check my family line labour history (from Mama and eldest sister), their first baby pop out 1 week later than the EDD. So, I'm prepared for that too (though I secretly hope baby comes out earlier :p).


I'm almost done with the basic preparation (very basic one) because I believe that we'll get along to complete it bit by bit. Except for my ubat for pantang, bengkung, baby cot (on the way) and baby carrier/ stroller. I have to make a quick decision by now which ubat to use during maternity confinement.


Yes, I have asked almost EVERY MOM I met about the medication they use during confinement and still haven't got my choice. *because I believe that opinions are opinions and things work differently on different people* So, I have to try first then only will get the accurate testimonial. :)

I do not have a strict tok nenek that will prepare Jamu Mak Dara for me to be honest. Hehe. My mum and mother-in law are very simple minded and doesn't believe in all those strict pantang. Yes, modern Mommies! They've highlighted me with the basic rules and that's it I would say. It's a relief too because I know that I will not be served with merely ikan kering and ikan bilis during pantang! So, that's why i have to do quite a lot of homework on this :)

I think that I have three final favourites which are Nona Roguy, Amway Tropical Herbs and Leesa Formula Confinement. I will update on my choice soon.

Till then , wassalam :)


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